by Max Lucadoo

Take It Away

Denalyn and I enjoyed a nice dinner at a local restaurant one night. About the same time we received our bill, we received a visit from a church member. After we chatted for a moment, he reached down and took our bill and said, “I’ll take this.” Guess what I did? I just let him take it away.

Someday we will all stand before God. All of us will have to give an account for our lives. And were it not for the grace of Christ, I would find this to be a terrifying thought. Yet, according to Scripture, Jesus came to “take away the sins of the world” (John 1:29 Phillips). On the day when I appear before the judgment seat of God, when my list of sins is produced, I will gesture toward Christ and say, “He took it.” Let him take yours.

Everything is being cancelled

Everything is being cancelled…NBA games, NHL games, March Madness, Broadway shows, flights, cruises…cancellations everywhere! Can I tell you the one thing that has not and will not be cancelled? God will never cancel his promise to take care of us!

Do not interpret the presence of problems as the absence of God. God has promised…never will I leave you; never will I forsake you. He is with us, he is for us, and he offers us peace in the face of uncertainty and hope in exchange for heaviness.

The question of this crisis is simply this: What is God saying to us?

Among the answers must be this promise from Matthew 11:28, “Come to me all of you who are weary and carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest.” Turn to Him today.