1 Kings 4:1-19  Click here for Bible Verses

Hi GAMErs,

Today’s passage is 1 Kings 4:1-19.  Let’s go!

On verses 1-19:  Here we see that King Solomon “ruled over all Israel” (v1) by delegating different parts of the kingdom to various people, whom he trusted to help him govern the kingdom well (v2-19).  What can we learn from this?

1.  When the project is too large for any one person to handle, a wise leader will delegate different responsibilities to trustworthy individuals.  As a kingdom grows, it takes not just one individual but a strong and excellent team to lead it.  What is one area of your life where it would be more effective to delegate, outsource or at least seek advice rather than you trying to figure it all out by yourself?

2.  God wants to involve His children in helping to rule His kingdom.  As Luke 19:11-26 illustrates, God wants to give those servants of His who have proven to be trustworthy parts of His kingdom to rule on His behalf.  You and I were made to reign with God.  But how much God entrusts to us will depend on how trustworthy you are with what you have now.  Do your best with what you have right now, and one day God will give you cities to manage.

Heavenly Father, I pray I would be a faithful and trustworthy manager of all that You have given me, understanding that You are preparing me for even greater responsibility in the future.  Please give me wisdom to know what parts of what I do I can delegate to others for greater effectiveness.   Thank You for everything and the trust You have in me!  In Jesus’ name, AMEN!