Be Open to God Speaking

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Today’s passage is Job 32:1-22.  Let’s go!

Job 32:1 (NIV) 
1  So these three men stopped answering Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes.

On verse 1:  Job refuses to budge from his belief that his suffering is not the result of his sin, so Job’s friends finally give up trying to convince Job otherwise (v1).  What can we learn from this?  The best way, and sometimes the only way, to beat your critics is to outlast them.  If you stand your ground long enough, they will eventually go away and stop bothering you.

Job 32:2 (NIV) 
2  But Elihu son of Barakel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, became very angry with Job for justifying himself rather than God.

On verse 2: A young man called Elihu begins to speak.  According to some scholars, the fact that the author of Job has to explain Elihu’s family background in verse 2 suggests that Elihu was not nearly as well known as Job and his three companions.

A Game You Can’t Win

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Today’s passage is Job 31:21-40.  Let’s go!

Job 31:21-23 (NIV) 
21  if I have raised my hand against the fatherless, knowing that I had influence in court,
22  then let my arm fall from the shoulder, let it be broken off at the joint.
23  For I dreaded destruction from God, and for fear of his splendor I could not do such things.

On verses 21-23:  In verses 16-22 Job denies taking advantage of the poor, the widow and the fatherless.  In verse 23 he says he did not sin in this way because of his fear of the Lord and the destruction that God could bring if he sinned in that way. It’s as if Job took seriously Jesus’ parable on the sheep and goats in Matthew 25:31-46 without even hearing it.  In that parable, Jesus describes himself as a King who rewards or punishes people based on how they treated the most vulnerable in society.  This parable is where Jesus famously says, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40) and “whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’” (Matthew 25:45).

How Do You Know If You Are Lusting After Someone or Just Attracted to Them?

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Today’s passage is Job 31:1-20.  Let’s go! 

On verses 1-20:  Here in chapter 31, Job makes one last attempt to plead his innocence in different areas.  He even invites a curse to be placed on his life if indeed he is truly guilty of sin in any of those areas.

Job 31:1-4 (NIV) 
1  “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl. 
2  For what is man’s lot from God above, his heritage from the Almighty on high? 
3  Is it not ruin for the wicked, disaster for those who do wrong? 
4  Does he not see my ways and count my every step?
On verses 1-4:  Here Job denies ever having looked lustfully at a girl (v1).  Job says his reason for not doing so is because he knows that God sees everything he does (v4) and he would not want to invite disaster on himself by sinning in this way (v2-3).  What can we learn from this?  According to Job, and according to Jesus later in the Gospels (e.g. Matthew 5:28), looking lustfully at someone is sin.  What exactly does it mean to look at someone lustfully?  

Does God Make You Sick?

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Today’s passage is Job 30:16-31.  Let’s go! 

Job 30:16-19 (NIV) 
16  “And now my life ebbs away; days of suffering grip me. 
17  Night pierces my bones; my gnawing pains never rest. 
18  In his great power [God] becomes like clothing to me; he binds me like the neck of my garment. 
19  He throws me into the mud, and I am reduced to dust and ashes.

On verses 16-31:  Here Job complains about the significant physical pain he is in due to a disease he has contracted.  Some scholars believe this disease may have been a skin condition like pemphigus foliaceus.  According to the Bible Knowledge Commentary:

“[t]his disease, as attested by physicians today, matches the symptoms of Job’s afflictions—inflamed, ulcerous sores (Job 2:7), itching (v. 8), degenerative changes in facial skin

Watch Out for Mockers

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Today’s passage is Job 30:1-15.  Let’s go! 

On verses 1-15:  Job has gone from being someone whom others held in high esteem (see Job 29) to one whom others mock.  When Job looks at the people mocking him, he notices that they are men much younger than him, whose fathers were deadbeats whom he would never have associated with (v1-8), “a base and nameless brood” (v8).  The ones mocking Job mock him in song (v9) and spit in his face (v10) without any kind of restraint (v11).  Job describes his mockers in military terms, how they are like an army that besieges him (v12), leaving him without any road to exit or escape (“break up my road” – v13).  They advance against Job like an army attacking a city, the walls of which are already torn down with gaping holes (v14).  As a result, Job lives in terror, feeling unsafe and humiliated (v15).

Don’t Worship the Past

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Today’s passage is Job 29:1-25.  Let’s go! 

Job 29:2-6 (NIV) 
2  “How I long for the months gone by, for the days when God watched over me, 
3  when his lamp shone upon my head and by his light I walked through darkness! 
4  Oh, for the days when I was in my prime, when God’s intimate friendship blessed my house, 
5  when the Almighty was still with me and my children were around me, 
6  when my path was drenched with cream and the rock poured out for me streams of olive oil.
On verses 1-25:  Here Job longs achingly for the years that preceded all the loss and pain he experienced.  Those were the days when he felt God’s illuminating light and intimate friendship (v2-4), when his children were still with him and life was sweet (v5-6), when he had great status in the eyes of people (v7-11), when he helped the weak and poor (v12-17), when he was filled with confidence and hope about his future (v18-20), when people valued his counsel (v21-24), and when he enjoyed great power but was gentle in his exercise of it (v25).

Where You’ll Find Wisdom

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Today’s passage is Job 28:1-28.  Let’s go!

Job 28:1-11 (NIV) 
1  “There is a mine for silver and a place where gold is refined.
2  Iron is taken from the earth, and copper is smelted from ore.
3  Man puts an end to the darkness; he searches the farthest recesses for ore in the blackest darkness.
4  Far from where people dwell he cuts a shaft, in places forgotten by the foot of man; far from men he dangles and sways.
5  The earth, from which food comes, is transformed below as by fire;
6  sapphires come from its rocks, and its dust contains nuggets of gold.
7  No bird of prey knows that hidden path, no falcon’s eye has seen it.
8  Proud beasts do not set foot on it, and no lion prowls there.
9  Man’s hand assaults the flinty rock and lays bare the roots of the mountains.
10  He tunnels through the rock; his eyes see all its treasures.
11  He searches the sources of the rivers and brings hidden things to light.

On verses 1-11:  Why does Job speak at length about how people mine for silver and gold?  It’s because Job is comparing getting wisdom to mining for precious metals.  In both cases the treasure is hidden beneath the surface, requires an intentional and difficult search to find, is hard to reach (v4), and cannot be perceived by bird or beast (v7-8, 20-21).

4 Consequences of Being Money Obsessed

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Today’s passage is Job 27:13-23.  Let’s go!

Job 27:13-23 (NIV) 
13  “Here is the fate God allots to the wicked, the heritage a ruthless man receives from the Almighty:
14  However many his children, their fate is the sword; his offspring will never have enough to eat.
15  The plague will bury those who survive him, and their widows will not weep for them.
16  Though he heaps up silver like dust and clothes like piles of clay,
17  what he lays up the righteous will wear, and the innocent will divide his silver………

On verse 13:  Here Job begins to describe what happens to the person who spends their life chasing wealth but who does not trust or obey God’s commands.  In the verses that follow Job will describe four consequences that happen to those whose number one obsession is getting rich.

Leave It to the Holy Spirit to Do THAT

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Today’s passage is Job 27:1-12. Let’s go!

Job 27:1-12 (NIV) 
1  And Job continued his discourse:
2  “As surely as God lives, who has denied me justice, the Almighty, who has made me taste bitterness of soul,
3  as long as I have life within me, the breath of God in my nostrils,
4  my lips will not speak wickedness, and my tongue will utter no deceit.
5  I will never admit you are in the right; till I die, I will not deny my integrity……..

On verses 1-12:  After his friends have repeatedly tried to convince Job that he has sinned and needs to repent, here in these verses Job is more adamant than ever about his innocence.  As he says in verses 5-6, “I will never admit you are in the right; till I die, I will not deny my integrity. I will maintain my righteousness and never let go of it; my conscience will not reproach me as long as I live.”  Later on, when God appears to Job and speaks to him directly, Job will repent.  But until God appears to him personally, Job will not budge no matter how much his friends try to accuse him.

The Whisper of God

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Today’s passage is Job 25:1-26:14. Let’s go!

Job 25:1-6 (NIV) 
1  Then Bildad the Shuhite replied: 
2  “Dominion and awe belong to God; he establishes order in the heights of heaven. 
3  Can his forces be numbered? Upon whom does his light not rise? 
4  How then can a man be righteous before God? How can one born of woman be pure? 
5  If even the moon is not bright and the stars are not pure in his eyes, 
6  how much less man, who is but a maggot– a son of man, who is only a worm!”
On verses 1-6: To paraphrase Bildad, “Who are you, Job, to think that you can prove yourself righteous in God’s eyes?  No human being is pure before God.”