Daily devotion from 10th Alliance

The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. (Jeremiah 31:3)

We’re living in a pandemic of pandemonium. The entire world has been ushered into a time of uncertainty. Many of us are reflecting on the meaning of life and the significance of our existence.

As people, it’s natural for us to find personal identity in what we produce, how we are perceived by others and what we possess. These are all measurables for success. So, what happens when these are stripped away? What happens when you can’t do anything, people turn away from you, and you don’t have anything?

This past Sunday, we were reminded that Jesus was tempted by the devil in these areas within the wilderness. In his condition of hunger and isolation he named these measurables for identity and success a lie. He claimed the truth that he was the “dearly loved Son” of his Father in heaven. He held onto the truth that he was “beloved.”

There are two phrases worth reflecting on in the verse above. The first phrase is, I have loved you.” God has loved you before you were even born. His love was not a momentary impulse. God has loved each one of us since before time and will love us through eternity. You are extraordinary – there is no other you. God sees your uniqueness from all eternity. You have a unique part to play in God’s story.

The second phrase is, I have drawn you. This phrase is translated from the word mashakh, which means “seize.” We are seized by God’s love. As we depend on him, he reveals more of himself. He gives us sufficient grace and all the strength we need. He is more than enough for us as we rely on him.

Jesus knew he was the beloved even before he was born. What is said of Jesus is said of you. You are the beloved child of God. You can rest your whole identity on God’s total acceptance of you – no matter what. He loves you.