By Doreen Szeto

There once was an old professor whose beautiful life was a wonder to his students. They were determined to learn the secret of his joy, and one night they sent someone to hide in the professor’s study. The teacher finally returned at a late hour. Despite his fatigue, he sat down at his desk and spent one hour with his Bible. Then, closing the Bible, he bowed his head in prayer: “Well, Lord Jesus, we still have the same old relationship.”

Knowing Christ is one of the greatest joys we have as Christians. We should all strive to be like this professor, who at all costs continued the “same old relationship” with Christ. This man’s secret was to spend time in prayer with God. Through prayer, he remained close to Jesus. This simple thing brought him happiness and joy, which reflected in his life.

When we do devotions, many of us know exactly what to do. Sit down, open up our devotional guides, look at the verses, read the verses from the Bible if we have time, read the story, look at the challenge/reflections section, then close the whole thing and walk away to continue our life. But what is missing? Prayer. Devotions are meaningless without prayer. Spending time with God without prayer is like having a relationship without even speaking to the other person.

Prayer is a crucial part of our lives and our quiet times. We need to have a relationship with God, and a relationship will not work out if you do not communicate. You need to talk to God to maintain your relationship, and He has provided this opportunity for us through the gift of prayer.

Through our daily devotions and prayer, we can grow closer to the Lord who loves us with his unending love. Have you taken time to talk to your Savior today?

“Time for quiet prayer helps us to abide each day.”

I Thessalonians 5:17  :  Pray unceasingly