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In Genesis 24, Abraham’s servant Eliezer, is sent to find a wife for his young master. The story of Isaac and Rebecca is one of the most beautiful love stories in the Hebrew Bible. But before it became a story of love, it was a story of faith. In order to really understand this story, you need to see the fascinating details that only Hebrew reveals…

Praying for Guidance

It took a good deal of faith from Abraham’s servant, Eliezer, to trust that the Lord would send him the right girl. When he arrives and stands by the well, he prays for success (“good speed” or “good fortune”, depending on the translation). Translated literally, he asks God to “make this day happen”. It’s important to note that this is the very first prayer for divine guidance that is recorded in the Bible.

He was speechless

We all know that Eliezer’s prayer was answered immediately and we also know that he was overwhelmed by this immediate answer. This is often translated as “remained silent”, but it might also mean: “speechless”. I think that was exactly what happened to the servant: he was speechless when he saw God’s handwriting in this story and realized that God Himself had chosen the girl for Isaac. 

Discover the secret details of the Scriptures

It’s even more amazing to see this invisible reality of God’s guidance becoming visible and obvious even to those who don’t believe in God. Rebecca’s father and brother, after they hear the servant’s testimony, say these surprising words, “Mi-Adonai Yatza Ha-Davar” – “this thing came from Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey!” It is rare in the Bible for non-believers to use this unique, personal name for God!

Genesis 24:50-51

50 Laban and Bethuel answered, “This is from the Lord; we can say nothing to you one way or the other. 51 Here is Rebekah; take her and go, and let her become the wife of your master’s son, as the Lord has directed.”