Evelyn O. Shih

As the fallen season approached, I found myself wondering, “Why is it that I have to give thanks?” Sometimes I feel as if cerebrating Thanksgiving Day is a big trouble. So, I wonder, “Does it matter whether I give thanks or not?”

We are free, it is true, to not cerebrating Thanksgiving Days, however, I would like to discuss with you how it matters when you do not give thanks.

First of all, a person who gives no thanks is an arrogant one. He or she thinks that their achievements come from their own efforts only. This belief discounts or denies the efforts of the parents who raised their children, the school and teachers who educate them, the government that provides the goal of high technology for which to strive, and the society that give them a steady environment. This person assumes that these things are what he or she should have, so there is nothing for which to be thankful.

Since this person denies the benefits of the past, he or she also neglects the benefits of the present. Take, for example, the man doesn’t appreciate his wife’s support, doesn’t care about his colleague’s teamwork, and doesn’t believe in his church and the support of its fellowship and prayers. This man gives all the credit to himself, so he has no friends nor close family members.

Secondly, a person who gives no thanks has the green eyes of envy. These people can’t bear to see others more successful than themselves. They watch every step the neighbors take, count every possession their peers procure, and want to have better and newer things than others.

For example, a man might think of the things he can’t get, such as a full head of hair, an ever younger wife of a pair of beautiful and smart children, and his green eyes become even greener. Such a man complains to God that life is unfair because he doesn’t get all the things he wants.

Therefore, a person who gives no thanks is an unhappy one. These people consider that everyone else is indebted to them, such that, even if someone treat them well, they take that deed as merely one debt repaid, certainly not worthy of thankfulness. This person puts himself or herself on the mark of 100 points. In other words, God owes them something when they receive one point less.

On the contrary, a person who gives thanks all the time puts himself or herself on the mark of zero points. This person admits he or she has nothing when it comes to the world. From this perspective, any point received or added is from the grace of God. A smile from someone will make this person happy. Since this person is content, he or she will not covert the possessions of others. This person believes that God grants each of us a different blessing, which meets that individual’s needs.

Even in time of tribulation, this person will gives thanks because he or she can see God’s grace in the situation and can recognize God’s discipline in teaching a new lesson for spiritual growth. This person is always happy, for he or she gives thanks at every occasion and in all things.

Dear friend! You are not happy when you don’t give thanks and this causes all the people around you also feel unhappy. What kind of life is it when nobody is happy? So, it does matter to give no thanks.