Evelyn O. Shih

I learned from a recent television program that a book has been published titled, 100 Regrets. In the book, the author listed all the things he regretted not doing during his lifetime; for example, the girl in college he dared not ask for a date and the mountain climbing team he was afraid to join. Now, he has decided to do these things, one by one; and he advises his readers to do the same, so we will have no regrets in our lives.

I took his advice right away. With a pen and a pad in hand, I recalled my life and thought I could list at least several tens of regrets, if not as many as 100. Although I searched my mind in vain, I found that in all my 75 years of life, I have no regrets. Praise the Lord!

I have not been an ambitious person. I had never set a goal to be somebody. I just followed my liking to do things. I was not a diligent student either, never exerting myself to be the top student. I finished my education in an ordinary way and got into marriage.

It was God who arranged my marriage. At the age of 17, still loathing boys, my Prince Charming came to me. I had no “pink dreams”, yet love appeared. I identify completely with the Bible verses: “The Lord protects the simple hearted” and “But God chose the foolish things of the world…”

After I became a mother, I thought I got smarter, starting to have some plans and wishes. I soon found out, however, that God gave me more and better things than what I asked for. My faith can never reach the level of God’s grace. Therefore, I have given up worrying about tomorrow.

I am sure God has planned for all of my future. I just do my duty today. I had no regrets and I will not have one.

Sometimes, I have fantasies, such as to travel all over the world visiting every historical place, or to play a concerto with a big orchestra. Within just a moment, however, I veto my fantasy. They are not so important as to become regrets if I can’t accomplish them, and, I know that one day when I get into heaven, my wishes will be fulfilled in a more satisfying way and I’ll fully understand how God has led me to spend a life with no regrets.