Winner of  “The Voice 2020”

Todd Tilghman is a pastor, husband, and father of eight children – he’s also the winner of “The Voice 2020”.

If you’re a fan of NBC’s “The Voice” competition, you know when contestants try-out, they’re praying that just one of the judges will turn around and pick them. During Todd Tilghman’s audition, all four judges swung around in their seats. So it’s no wonder he wound up the 2020 winner.

Tilghman chose Blake Shelton as his coach when the show premiered in February. Prior to the show, he said he had only ever sung at church.

In the finale, where each singer performed from home, Tilghman wowed the judges with Christian band Mercy Me’s popular hit “I Can Only Imagine.”

“My wife, Brooke, told me I would regret it if I didn’t go,” he said. “Thank God for her and thank God I changed my mind and decided to go. It’s been like a dream. Everyone keeps telling me to just soak it in, but it’s hard to do because you just can’t believe you are really there.”

Tilghman tells CBN the entire experience has actually been good for his family. “We’ve always been a really close family, but I actually think this has caused us to come even closer,” he said.

His win earned him $100,000 and a record deal. Now there’s also talk of a book, and maybe even a reality TV show.

“I would love to share my faith and my family and who I am with the world,” he told CBN. “And show the world that there’s someone like me who just loves them unconditionally.”

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這是美國歌唱選秀節目美國好聲音(The Voice)的海選,這次,所有評審在海選為一位41歲的美國牧師轉身—托德‧蒂爾曼(Todd Tilghman)。蒂爾曼牧師從8歲起在教會裡唱歌,從未受過專業歌唱訓練,也沒有在其他場合表演的經驗。原本因為事務繁忙差點放棄甄選的他,在妻子的鼓勵下參加美國好聲音,靠著他情感渾厚的嗓音和穩健的台風一路過關斬將,獲得評審青睞成為2020年美國好聲音的冠軍,獲得獎金10萬美元。

蒂爾曼牧師表示沒想到海選時四位評審會這麼快地為他轉身,更從沒想到他會得到冠軍。他在冠軍戰演唱代表他根源的歌,基督教樂團Mercy Me的《I Can Only Imagine》。被問到未來計畫和夢想時,蒂爾曼牧師希望他能透過他和他家人的生命向世人分享基督信仰,傳達彼此相愛的關係,而非直接單談信仰本身。

蒂爾曼牧師從七月開始已經在田納西州的劇場(Theatre Of The Stars)有個人演唱會,並打算出唱片和出書,不排除未來可能參加實境節目。


因為疫情和贏得歌唱節目冠軍,蒂爾曼牧師說現在這段時間是他人生中最「奇怪(wierd)」的時光。相信如同蒂爾曼牧師在冠軍決賽演唱的 I Can Only Imagine,看似不可能的夢想,倚靠上帝,凡事都有可能!