Thanks a lot for your taking time to reply me, What you said is reasonable. Sometime I am too fancy, too ideal. I should be more pratical, more realistic.

Why I still want to go on with him?The reasons are following:
1 He is a brother in Christ. I believe brothers and sisiters in Christ. Around me, there are very few brothers in Christ.
2 He always give me a wam and nice feeling. I am unwilling to give up.
3For all these years, only him in my personal life. Out of sight, but in my mind. he becomes important and special.
4 I think highly of him. He is a wonderful person. He is righteous and noble-minded, he deserved to be loved and he is worthy of waiting. Yes, it is too long long waiting.
5 I still concern his wellbeings greatly and care him heartily. He is an expert in computer, but sometimes in his own words, he liked to concoon himself.
6 Both of us are no longer young. I will be 50 years old, he is over 60, So I think I ‘d better cherish the relationship. Otherwise, might some regrets.
7 What I know is very limited, But by my sixth, the chance is 60% that he is single.
8 Many decisions are so important that I dare not make by myself. Let the Lord make the decision. And I want to ask the help from the sisters in Christ.
9.About love, I believe the words: love is patient , is kind.. Love is endless , love never fails. About marriage.for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do we part. Now, I not only believe, I understand, and I need to do and act.
10 I should understand him more. Always respect and honor. I pray God gives me more wisdom and strength,so
I can help him happier and healthier.
12 Everything has God’s purpose.
I ‘d love to be submissive.

I am grateful for your reading my nonsense. And I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Dear Chartylen

upon reading your letter, everything is what YOU want, what YOU think, the center is YOU.

but falling in love takes two people, you can not make someone falling in love with you.

He has stopped contacted you for 2 years, and he doesn’t want to be pen pal with you any longer, he has showing unwillingness to continue this relationship with you.

You are not submissive at all, you are living in yesterday. so sad.

you sounded young to me , you could keep praying, but you need to see the fact God has showed you.

He did not give you any promise, just being warm and kind, which only showed that he had a good personality, it’s not a special favor to you. just his personality.

Face the reality, my sister. you still have a long way to go. if you don’t wake up, nobody could help you.