by Samuel Mills/trusting in Jesus

Have you ever had an experience so special you hesitated to share it with someone who might not believe?

In the mid-1970s, I worked for a company in Knoxville selling to grocery stores, campgrounds, etc. My route often took me to Chattanooga where one of my customers lived who was also a Christian.

We would often share our views and testimonies. One day, after he had shared a beautiful Spiritual experience, without thinking, I said, “Wow, is that for real?”

He instantly turned away and said, “I don’t share this with everyone because I know they won’t believe, but I thought you would!” I explained that it was only a reaction and I didn’t doubt his word.

The following article is about a vision I have shared with only a few who I thought would believe.

God’s Healing Power of Love

It was in 1996 during an incredibly stressful situation when my personal and home life were crashing, and there seemed to be nothing I could do.

I was depressed, and Satan constantly taunted me by suggesting that I should just aim my car into a concrete abutment, and it would all soon be over.

I knew Satan was a liar so there was no chance I would ever do that, but he always attacks our weakest points.

Even those closest to me were not aware that I was encountering one of the lowest points in my life.

Our problems and troubles always seem worse at night, and one night in the wee hours, awake and leaning against my pillow God sent a life changing vision.

My Vision

Suddenly I was sitting in the drivers’ seat of a large truck that had been in an accident, and everything surrounding me was in small broken pieces

The windshield was gone, broken glass and large shreds of sharp metal were hanging from the ceiling and scattered all around.

Looking at my injured body, I said, I must be dead! Almost immediately a well-dressed man calmly opened the smashed passenger door and stepped up to the truck.

Reaching through the debris he caught my hand, and I stepped through the wreckage and out the passenger door.

As my new friend and I started walking, I began to feel a deep sense of peace, and the farther we walked, the more powerful it became.

After about 50 yards we reached the entrance to a beautiful entrance where the presence of God was so overwhelming that I would not have normally been able to stand.

It is impossible to justly describe what I saw and heard. How does one describe a place that glows with the sensation of ecstasy?

There was a powerful transforming Spiritual presence, and incredibly beautiful colors, and music.

The music penetrated my entire being beyond anything I have ever heard, with peace, joy, and healing.

The beauty of the colors is also beyond description and showered me with healing powers that covered my entire being.

I stood there unable to move, being bathed in wave after wave with the ecstatic healing powers of love, belonging, and total acceptance.

Then my friend indicated that it was time to go, and we silently walked side by side back to the front of the wrecked truck.

The vision abruptly ended, my friend was gone, and I was again sitting in my bed, awake.

My heart pounded wildly with the vision replaying in my mind, and the healing sensations still present.

Then audibly, I said, “Does this means that I am going to be killed in a terrible accident;” And a beautiful Spiritual voice answered, “No, I just wanted you to know that I love you, and to experience the healing power of my love.”

God gave me this vision just to let me know He loved me! And it did more for me than a truck load of pills. God’s love totally cured me of suicidal thoughts, discouragement, and all signs of depression.

It is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It may be difficult to understand, but at that moment,  I would have gone through a real truck wreck just to have this experience again.

I am certain the unidentified man was an angel, and that I had witnessed only a small sample of the powers of Heaven.

When I think of the Apostle Paul’s actual visit to Heaven, it does not surprise me that the only reason he would return to earth was to finish delivering God’s message to the world.

Although the personal problems in my life did not change, and the things I so dreaded happened anyway, this unexpected miracle from God brought total healing.

Twenty-Five Years Later

I didn’t tell anyone about the vision, but everyone knew something was different; I wasn’t just helped, I was healed.

Twenty-five years later I can still remember that experience in detail, but only now understand how much it changed my life.

I would never again doubt God’s reality or wonder about His healing power; This has given me faith for the countless times I have prayed with others.

Even now when troubles and depression try to return all I need to do is to recall that vision and the healing powers return.

No matter how discouraging things become, God has the answer. If you find yourself in trying circumstances, you can be confident that His love is enough to overcome them all.   (Mar 6, 2019)